Policy Sustainability

We subscribe to sustainability through establishing, promoting, integrating and continuously educating and refining the sustainability policy to stakeholders. The Company devotes itself on issues pertaining to the environment, society as well as the economy at large through its focus on the Triple Bottom Line (Planet, People, and Profits) initiative. The stakeholders of the company are the focal point of this initiative.

We are committed to:

  1. Developing policies in line with the Global Reporting Initiative.
  2. Sustainability of the company through continuous evaluation of its relevancy to the processes and systems of the company.
  3. Preserving the environment within which the company operates under through initiatives that promote environmentalism, conservatism and ecology within Engineering.
  4. The upliftment of the community through starting initiatives and programs that are beneficial to the community we operate in.
  5. Integrating ethical norms to company culture through formal and informal participative engagements.
  6. Implementing health and safety measures to prevent possible incidents at the workplace.
  7. Ensuring a properly managed Quality Management System that ensures quality service to our clients governed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Therefore implements the following policies in its area of operations:

  1. Quality
  2. Environment Policy
  3. Health And Safety
  4. Corporate Social Invest
  5. Black Economic Empowerment