Health And Safety
Risk Management

We pledge ourselves to maintaining a working environment that is safe to its staff, sub-contractors and all its stakeholders in accordance to the Occupational Health and safety Act, 1993 (Act 85 of 1993).

We are committed to ensuring:

  1. The general well being of employees while at work;
  2. The prevention of work-related injuries and work-related fatalities;
  3. The investigation of the causes of work-related injuries and work-related fatalities;
  4. The rehabilitation and retraining of people who have suffered work-related injuries; and
  5. That safety plans are prepared and measures are implemented to ensure that compliance and regular audits are conducted.
  6. Our primary goal is one of Zero Accidents within the workplace.
  7. To meet and exceed the needs of all stakeholders, and to engen der a culture of health and safety best practice, and to ensure an environmen tally friendly workplace and society for all to enjoy